Saturday, February 25, 2012

A walk in the park

FDn 100 & TC 2x

The chase is on

Life is returning

The world gets colorful again

Anyone know what kind of tree that is?

Kit, Auto-HDR and photomerged
With temperatures of 7-13°, the sense of spring is in the air. Though most of nature is still bleak and leaf-less, color returns to life.
This short walk also showed me that I am more of a wide-angle guy :-). With the FDn 100 (which is effectively a 150mm on the Nex), you can try your luck on the ducks in the pond or get nice low depth-of-field for isolating subjects, but frequently I wish for a wider focal length.

There must have been a reason for the popularity of zoom lenses in the last decades :-)

If Sony puts a 16-50/2.8 on the market, I will probably be one of the first to order it. Currently though, it is rather frustrating to wait for products announced months ago, ordered also months ago, and to receive a notice that delivery is postponed till April or May!

Come on Sony, that flood is now long ago.

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