Saturday, April 21, 2012

The real life - Full Resolution of the SEL50F18 in the real world / Maximale Auflösung des SEL50F18 in der Realität

After so much tests illustrating how the SEL50F18 performs technically, here some shots showing what this translates to when using this camera & lens in the real world.
Have fun!
Download links to the original size pictures are given below!!
Picture 1 Original size
Picture 2 original size
Picture 3 original size

Nach sovielen rein technischen Tests um zu demonstrieren wie das Objektiv SEL50F18 sich absolut gesehen verhält, hier ein paar Bilder die zeigen was die Kamera&Objektiv in der Realität leisten können.
Viel Spass!
Download Links zu den Bildern in voller Auflösung sind oben.


  1. Hi, nice shots. May i know how's the performance of SEL50F18 because im planning to get 1. thanks..this is my email:

  2. Thanks. What exactly do you want to know? In my blog there are multiple examples of shots with this lens, most of the time noted or still visible in EXIF.