Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sony SEL50F18 Lens correction profile Adobe English/Deutsch

EDIT: The profile was updated and now contains values for apertures 1.8, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6

Here it is, the lens correction profile for the Sony lens SEL50F18. You are free to download and use it. However, please note that I assume no liability or warranty of any kind. The profile was generated for the apertures 1.8, 2.0, 2.8, 4, 5.6. Adobe will automatically generate values for other apertures.

Hier für Interessierte ein mit Adobe Lens Profile Creator erstelltes Profil für Adobe Photoshop, PS Elements oder Lightroom (ACR) um das Objektiv automatisch bezüglich Vignettierung, Verzerrung und CA zu kompensieren. Das Profil wurde bei den Werten 1.8, 2, 2.8, 4.0 und 5.6 erzeugt. Andere Werte berechnet ACR selbst.

The profile has to be unzipped and copied into such a directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw\LensProfiles\1.0

The link to download the profile as winzip file:
Download from my account

Friday, March 30, 2012

Detail man-made versus Nature / Detail von Menschenhand und der Natur (english/deutsch)

Just a simple comparison what details we humans generate and how intrisicate the works of nature are.

Nur eine einfache Gegenüberstellung der Details aus Menschenhand und denen welche die Natur geschaffen hat.

The black curtain / der schwarze Vorhang

Brothers and sisters / Geschwister zum Himmel strebend

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stich'm up! Oldtimer goes Cabrio - Brenizer with SEL50F18. English/Deutsch

 Am enjoying the 50mm lens. Color rendition and clarity is superb in my opinion. I had some fun stiching Brenizer like some pictures together, as shown below. The large aperture combined with OSS allows to keep ISO low. Stiching with Photoshop took awfully longer compared to I.C.E., but it was capable to get those right at which ICE failed.

Ich geniesse das Sony 50mm-Objektiv. Die Farbwiedergabe direkt aus der Kamera und die Klarheit sind meiner Meinung nach beeindruckend. Die grosse Blende kombiniert mit der Bildstabilisierung erlaubt es, die ISO niedrig zu halten. Ich habe aus Spass ein Paar Fotos zusammengesetzt nach der Brenizer Methode. Wobei alle aus der Hand geschossen wurden. Photoshop macht es aber immer dann besser, wenn I.C.E. Probleme hat.

I have never seen a convertible version before. Single shot 5N & SEL50.

Every read Tintin comics? That IS the car of the bad guys. 2 shots, F4

F2, 5 shots

Jaguar SS, 6 shots, F2

Austin Healy 3000, 4 shots, F8

Monday, March 26, 2012

Olympia Munich / Olympia München (english/deutsch)

I had the opportunity within a short time again of being at the Olympia center in Munich. The weather was fine and I was able to take some quick snapshots - with the Sony kit lens. This lens is sometimes derided but IMHO, it is quite good considering its price. Maybe I just have a good sample? All shots pp'd in Photoshop, no lens compensation. This OOC picture crop shows that lens compensation removes any CA effectively.

Ich hatte das Glück innerhalb kurzer Zeit zum zweiten Mal im Olympia-Zentrum von München sein zu können. Tolles Wetter und ein paar Minuten um ein paar schnelle Schnappschüsse machen zu können. Mit dem Kitzoom der 5N geschossen, ich finde dieses Objektiv gut vor allem in Anbetracht des Preises.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Märzenbecher, durch Zufall entdeckt

Diese Märzenbecher haben wir ganz durch Zufall in einem Tobel entdeckt. Obwohl ganz in der Nähe gelegen, waren wir noch nie da, und vor allem nicht genau in diesen Wochen wo diese Blumen blühen.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sony SEL50F18 has arrived

EDIT EDIT: Please also take a look at my recent more intensive lens comparison comparing also these two lenses under pixel-peeping conditions:
SEL50F18 ves SEL18-55 versus FD lenses 

EDIT: Due to some comments having difficulties with my conclusion the SEL being the better lens wide open, I have appended the original text with some lines describing my line of thought.

The availability of Sonys lenses for the Nex series is limited, to say the least. I have ordered this lens in the beginning of January and it has now arrived, after 2.5 months. For a Leica lens, this would probably be fast :-)

Anyway, up to now I have used a Canon FD 50/1.4 lens for low light scenes, so it was natural to make some comparisons to evaluate sharpness and bokeh rendering.

The Nex was tripod mounted and set to daylight WB. The FD lens was of course manually focussed, whereas the SEL 50 was using AF and I tried to get the same focus points (not always successful, though).

Brief summary:

The SEL renders warmer, however I don't know if the camera would compensate for this if I would have used auto WB. CA (red/green shift) is stronger at 1.8 (Sony) versus 1.4 (Canon lens).Though the Sony lens was 2 cm farther from the subject due to the adapter lens mount used for the FD lens, its magnification is larger. So at this distance, the effective focal length is larger than that of the FD lens.

Overall, the lens is about as sharp as the FD lens, not quite as light sensitive but much sharper at open apertures and it does offer AF as well as OSS. Real-life experience will show the performance benefits.

Below the pictures are two links for downloading 100% crops of aperture series comparison of both lenses.

Stay tuned :-)
============== Conclusion based on the aperture comparisons linked below!===========
As I already stated, it was difficult focusing the SEL. Therefore, if you closely observe the provided pictures, the SEL is focussed on the scale at "50" except for the f2.0 shot, which is at about scale "15". Now the FD was always focussed on "50"!
Some have claimed that the FD at f2.0 was not focussed on the scale at all. This errorenous conclusion may have been caused by comparing it to the SEL f2.0 picture which shows the dust behind the scale much less sharp. But that is due to the fact that the SEL was  front focussed (operator error) in that shot which is clearly visible on the scale delivering max sharpness between "10" and "20". If you compare the "dust" continously from f1.4 to 4.0, you can see that the FD really is well focussed. And if you compare the FD 50 at _f2.0_ with the SEL 50 at _f1.8_ (!), you can easily see that the SEL is more contrastier and sharper, while showing more CA (reddish tinge).
But the CAs almost have disappeared entirely at f2.0 for the SEL, so the conclusion is that the SEL50F18 will be even better IQ-wise at f2.0 compared to f1.8.

My conclusion is therefore that the SEL is the better lens wide open f1.8 - 2.0.
At f2.8 -4, the differences are practically nil, with the FD color rendering a bit warmer.

The FD has the advantage of having f1.4, but the pictures also show that using the lens wideopen. will deliver rather soft shots. IF the scene allows to use the OSS + lower shutter speeds at f1.8, the SEL will render significantly (!) better IQ.

If you consider that lens coatings have improved a lot and modern lens coatings take into account the reflections of the sensor, it was to be expected that wideopen. the SEL would deliver better. Since the FD50/1.4 was a reference lens at its time, it also was to be expected that closed down 2 stops (so that lens internal reflections become negligible), the FD lens will perform very well indeed and still is competitive with a lens 30 years younger.

For anybody with a budget or tolerant targets :-), the FD is a great lens. Its MF and aperture operation are very pleasing in their smoothness. But let's be objective (haha) and accept that there are limits to these legacy lenses. And the usual issue is wideopen. where the lens coatings reveal their limits.

Sony Nex 5N Canon FD 50/1.4 at 2.8

Sony Nex 5N Sony SEL 50F1.8 at 2.8

Link to full size aperture series crop comparison 1.4 to 4.0

Link to full size aperture series crop comparison 5.6 & 8

Monday, March 19, 2012

Oldtimerfabrik Neu-Ulm / Oldtimer Garage (deutsch / english)

Hier in der Gegend hat es die Oldtimer-Fabrik Neu-Ulm. Es ist kein Museum, sondern eine Garage, welche von den Autobesitzern finanziert wird. Eine schöne Gelegenheit, einige seltene Exemplare der Automobilgeschichte aus der Nähe zu sehen. Die Betreiber sind absolut liebenswert, engagiert und freundlich.

In the neighborhood, a special garage stores precious oldtimers. It is not a museum, but financed by the car owners. Great opportunity for some close photo shoots. The owners are charming, engaging and friendly.

Nex 5N with kit lens or Canon FD 24/50mm, hand-held.

Moderne Kiemen / Inspite of the modern lines, a touch of animal roundness

Nummer eins in der Beliebtheit auch ohne viel Pferdestärken / #1 in likability if not in sheer power


Glanz vergangener Jahre / Old glory

Spielzeugauto? / Toy Car?

Alte Ästhetik, auch heute noch schön / old design but beautiful


Automobiles Traumzimmer

Waffenbrüder / Brothers in arms

Glanz mit Spuren der Zeit / Traces of times gone by

Jaguar SS


Chromorgie / Orgy in chrome

Ausblick / Outlook

Muskeln / Muscles

Warten auf den Frühling / Waiting for Spring

Nur ein Tip: USA / Only one hint: It's American

Was gibt's zum Frühstück? / What's for breakfast?

Froschkönig / King Frog

Das 180°Gegenstück / Total inverse design

Bond Auto / Bond Car


Thursday, March 15, 2012

SAR chopper

5N & FD 80-200

Just as if I had planned it, I walked there and within seconds liftoff occured.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Macro photography with a plain kit lens

Technology has advanced quite far. As much as I like my legacy manual lenses, but the minimum focus distance is at least 25 cm. Back in those days, you had to buy a macro lens, an intermediate ring or a close up lens.

The kit lens of the Nex is capable of focussing very close, so with focal length set to 55 mm and aperture closed down to 8, you can get real close. The two sides of a coin :-) shown above have been cropped only in a minor way.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sports with manual focus lens

As I learned yesterday, it IS possible to shoot sports with a manual focus lens. The basketball game between Ratiopharm Ulm and New Yorker Phantoms (Braunschweig)  in the new Ratiopharm Arena was brightly lit with LED lighting. Light was actually so good that I could use aperture 2.8-4, ISO 100-250 with a handheld FD 100/2.8 lens (effectively 150 mm).

After an initial slow start, the Ratiopharm Ulm team worked hard to get back in the lead and suceeded in the last minutes of the game. It was very exciting, although I was partly deaf for some time due to the noise level.
For me, this was the first major basketball game I experienced and I found it to be fun. In fact, much more exciting than soccer because more goals are scored and the fouls do not tend to cripple the opponent as in soccer.

Per Günther in action

Bryant on the left


Slow start

Well, decide for yourself...

Another one

Still catching up

Dance team

New Yorker Phantoms charging

Swann can fly :-)

Swann and Bryant

Must be hard playing in the home town of the other team

Still in the ened of catching up


Swann and Günther
The end