Saturday, July 8, 2017

Three men on a bummel - not quite. Prague to Dresden in a week

Well, we were a bit more than three men, but a bummel it was. We went by train to Prag, had a good look around town and then went on the bike paths all the way to Dresden. Compared to trips in the recent years we had a bit of bad luck this time: It rained one day heavily and we had two flats.
But it was certainly interesting to see Bohemia (Czechia) after my last trip in the 80s. Czech beer is as good as German beer, so we ensured nothing dried up during the bummel.

Czech subway stations use STEEP elevators. We got a bit dizzy sinze the wall posters are not vertical, but parallel to the inclination of the ramp. This was even without beer.

Prag is Jugendstil everywhere. One can only marvel what was destroyed in WWII elsewhere in Europe.

City Hall decoration

City Hall

Just one of many

These spider-globes seem to be a trade mark of Prague

Like rockets near take-off

Some more

Astronomical clock.

Absinth drinking used to be a scourge in the 19th century


Grand Hotel Europe Prague


The Communist Party Central - who would have guessed? :-)

Bohemian beer rhapsody

Prague Castle

Church door

Charles Bridge - Karlsbrücke

Theatre - I just had to remove the cabling for the electric streetcars hanging everywhere

Prague sunset

War memorial

Cheap ferries are available at many sections of the river

Czech lemonade - I don't know what they put int there but I felt similar to that smiley afterwards

Country roads leading to Zamek Veltrusy, a country residence. It is very peaceful out there.

Zamek Veltrusy

Melnik, absolutely lovely

Making the best of a rainy day

Sächsische Schweiz - Elbstandstein

Dresden Frauenkirche - on the left you can see the original stones that were left standing. The black dots in between show reuse of stones recovered from the rubble heap after the building collapsed.

Victoria - we made it .. to Dresden

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

DIY -Using the Sony Eyecup FDA-EP16 for the A6000 / Anpassung der Augenmuschel Sony FDA-EP16 für die A6000

This is a follow-up post to my previous DIY post where I had adapted a Canon-type Eyecup to my A6000.
In the meantime, I learned that for the Sony A7II etc there is an improved larger eyecup available with a very soft outer rubber section, named FDA-EP16. At Amazon, this original Sony part is available for laughable 12 USD. Unfortunately, this part does not fit to the Sony A6000 out of the box.

However, since I already had bought three cheap spare eyecups for my A6000, I sacrificed one of them, bought a large can of car body glue (Teroson Terostat 9200 black) and glued them together after some minor adjustments with a small saw and a file. As usual, I used a short piece of fishermen's coil as safety line in case the eyecup gets dislodged. No more hunting on Amsterdam's streets for that darn thing for me, thanks.

I personally like the result very much. And now the solution is nearly 100% Sony, too :-).
Dies ist ein Update-Post zu meiner früheren Bastelaktion um eine größere Augenmuschel an meine A6000 zu bekommen. Gerade für Brillenträger ist die Original-Augenmuschel viel zu klein und sehr unnachgiebig um sich ans Brillenglas anzupassen. In der zwischenzeit habe ich erfahren, daß es für die Sony A7II eine verbesserte Augenmuschel FDA-EP16 gibt. Diese hat einen sehr weichen Gummirand und schützt deutlich besser vor Streulicht. Bei gibt es diese Original-Sony FDA-EP16 für lachhafte 10 €. Leider passt diese Augenmuschel nicht ab Werk an die A6000.

Ich habe allerdings bereits drei billige Ersatz-Augenmuschel für A6000 gekauft gehabt. Ich opferte eine davon, kaufte noch Karosseriekleber in schwarz (Terostat 9200) und klebte beide nach kleinen Anpassungen mittels Laubsäge und Feile zusammen. Wie gewohnt habe ich dabei noch ein kleines Stück Angelschnur eingesetzt als Sicherheitsleine falls sich die Augenmuschel versehentlich löst. Kein Suchen mehr auf Amsterdams Strassen nach dem dummen Ding für mich :-).

Ich bin persönlich mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden. Und nun ist die Lösung auch fast 100% Sony :-)

Using the EVF of my 5N as workbench

Removed inner guidelines

Add caption

Test assembly