Thursday, May 22, 2014

The 16-something zoom shootout on the A6000: SEL1650 versus SEL1670

Update on 6.1.15: You may also be interested in this comparison, taking the SELP18105 into account
Update on 01.11.2015: Also take a look at my "last words" on the standard zoom question here

To make comparing easier, here the two lenses SEL1650PZ and SEL1670 on the same camera Sony A6000:

To download the REAL BIG picture, use the link below!

LINK TO DOWNLOAD the full-sized comparison picture (23 MB)

My personal summary:
Stopped down, it is hard to see a difference. So the 1650 is much cheaper, smaller, lighter but the 1670 has f4 throughout, is mostly better wide-open and feels very well-built. Without a lens hood, the 1650 is more prone to flare. I used my SEL1855 lens hood and some inexpensive stuff to change this, look here for details. The 1670 disappoints at 24mm and when both lenses are stopped down, as in typical holiday landscape shots, for my samples the 1650 sometimes outperforms the 1670 in terms of sharpness. Of course, sample variation exists for both models. However, I had similar or worse experiences with another copy of the 1670, the sides being inferior at all apertures compared to the 1650.

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