Sunday, January 15, 2012

Apple-free Zone....

Warning: If you are an enthusiastic Apple-owner, do not read further.

Yesterday I glanced through several photobooks with which my sister, living abroad, helps my mom keeping up-to-date. The newest two have, as last page, "Made on a Mac". Now I am sure this has been added automatically by the software which she used.

But honestly, how far can this Apple-mania go?

I accept that currently Apple products are so "in" that first-grade pupils without  an Iphone qualify for psychological counselling. But in my experience, most Apple products were not only overpriced but also failed soon after warranty expired. Examples:
The G5 of my sister-in-law started forgetting it had a DVD drive after 3 years. Reinstalling the OS helped for some months, then it happened again. She sold it and bought an I-Book. Needless to say, it haid this ominous bug and failed after 2.5 years. SInce the recall action of Apple had not (yet) extended to include her serial number, Apple refused to repair it for free. I advised my father-in-law to write a letter to Apple and after some back'n-forth they finally did repair it. In the meantime, needing the computer for professional use, she already bought a new I-Book. That has already failed, too. Another desktop Mac of an aquaintance refuse to recognize any USB stick, even the one bought from the Apple store. Solution? She bought a new Mac. I too already have seen a shattered screen of an I-phone.
As contrast, a colleague broke his ribs in a bike accident. I recovered Fujitsu Siemens laptop whose case was shattered at several places and the entire back side with the connectors was bent in 4-5 mm. Just inspite powered it up and it booted and worked just fine.

I have to confess, in my personal opinion Steve Jobs was as negative a person as Bill Gates still is. It sort of upturns my stomach, remembering the 80s with activism against apartheit, LiveAid concert and the like, to witness that after Jobs died people worldwide put flowers into the Apple shop windows as if he were some sort of guru.

To me, this seems as if our society has lost connection what is really important and mindless idolising of anyone exceeding the average, whether in good, bad or irrelevant aspects, is the norm.

Enough rambled, the content of this pages has been prepared entirely WITHOUT the use of any Apple product.

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  1. I don't understand the Apple crazies either, though I have an iPhone 4 which I like, but I would live just happily if I were using an Android phone. A closed system is never my choice when it comes to hardware, but I admit Apple products have that look and feel many people like. Personally, I like products that are reliable and competitively priced. Call me cheap, but I tend to think I am frugal.