Friday, January 23, 2015

Sunrise on the sea / Sonnenaufgang auf dem Meer

Morning mood  -  Morgenstimmung  105mm f5
Well, actually this picture was taken far from the sea. Looking south-east to the Alpes, in the morning frequently the rising sun manages to still shine below the cloud cover. But since the clouds formed a perfectly horizontal line, the scene managed to look like taken on the coast.Funny what impact knowing or not knowing the context can make.
Nun, eigentlich ist dieses Foto fern vom Meer aufgenommen worden. In Richtung Südost hin zu den Alpen blickend, schafft es die aufgehende Sonne morgens oft noch unterhalb der Wolkendecke hindurch zu leuchten. Aber da die Wolkendecke eine nahezu perfekte horizontale Grenze gebildet hatten, wirkt die Szene wie an der Küste. Es ist schon erstaunlich welche Auswirkung es macht ob man den Kontext kennt - oder nicht.

Equipment used:
Sony SELP18105G E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS Zoom Lens
Sony Alpha a6000 Camera  

Benutzte Ausrüstung:
Sony SEL-P18105G E PZ 18-105 mm F4 G OSS Zoom-Objektiv
Sony Alpha 6000 Systemkamera


  1. Thanks for your memorial to the police officers killed in the Paris terror attacks. I can more easily identify with the values they died for than those of the cartoonists who mocked Islam - which they had a right to do, but could have shown more sensitivity to the nonviolent practitioners of that faith.

  2. Thanks Mel for your feedback! It has been a disheartening year for those harbouring the illusion of the good in mankind. There are those of us intend on improving life for their fellow men, and then there are those others who simply kill, maim etc simply because they feel like it. That this happens in an age where widespread access to information (TV, internet) does not allow anymore the humanists excuse of simple stupidity, shows that the Bible's claim of man's inherent evilness is quite accurate. It is only education, culture and upbringing combined with empathy that keeps the beast in man at bay.