Saturday, July 8, 2017

Three men on a bummel - not quite. Prague to Dresden in a week

Well, we were a bit more than three men, but a bummel it was. We went by train to Prag, had a good look around town and then went on the bike paths all the way to Dresden. Compared to trips in the recent years we had a bit of bad luck this time: It rained one day heavily and we had two flats.
But it was certainly interesting to see Bohemia (Czechia) after my last trip in the 80s. Czech beer is as good as German beer, so we ensured nothing dried up during the bummel.

Czech subway stations use STEEP elevators. We got a bit dizzy sinze the wall posters are not vertical, but parallel to the inclination of the ramp. This was even without beer.

Prag is Jugendstil everywhere. One can only marvel what was destroyed in WWII elsewhere in Europe.

City Hall decoration

City Hall

Just one of many

These spider-globes seem to be a trade mark of Prague

Like rockets near take-off

Some more

Astronomical clock.

Absinth drinking used to be a scourge in the 19th century


Grand Hotel Europe Prague


The Communist Party Central - who would have guessed? :-)

Bohemian beer rhapsody

Prague Castle

Church door

Charles Bridge - Karlsbrücke

Theatre - I just had to remove the cabling for the electric streetcars hanging everywhere

Prague sunset

War memorial

Cheap ferries are available at many sections of the river

Czech lemonade - I don't know what they put int there but I felt similar to that smiley afterwards

Country roads leading to Zamek Veltrusy, a country residence. It is very peaceful out there.

Zamek Veltrusy

Melnik, absolutely lovely

Making the best of a rainy day

Sächsische Schweiz - Elbstandstein

Dresden Frauenkirche - on the left you can see the original stones that were left standing. The black dots in between show reuse of stones recovered from the rubble heap after the building collapsed.

Victoria - we made it .. to Dresden

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