Sunday, April 3, 2016

Amsterdam at night / Amsterdam bei Nacht

During my recent trip to Amsterdam, I took my tripod along and tested the Smooth reflection app from Sony in my A6000. I think it does a pretty good job. Next time, will try it out during daytime.


Während meiner kürzlichen Reise nach Amsterdam habe ich mein Stativ mitgenommen und die Smooth Reflection App auf meiner A6000 ausprobiert. Ich finde, dass die ganz ordentlich funktioniert. Nächstes Mal probiere ich sie tagsüber aus.


  1. Would love to see you do seascape shot with this app. Thanks in advance. (Loseseeker)

  2. Well, there is one shot already of the sea taken with this app in the Portugal post:

    However, due to wind blowing, sandy underground and a travel tripod I was not entirely happy with the sharpness of those.