Sunday, April 3, 2016

Impressions from Amsterdam / Eindrücke von Amsterdam

Some more impressions from the Netherlands and Amsterdam (besides numerous Museum visits).


Ein paar weitere Eindrücke von Holland und Amsterdam (außer zahllosen Museums-Besuchen).

Den Haag shopping mall

Den Haag beach seconds before we got drenched :-)

Royal Delft porcelain manufacture

The different stages from clay to expensive handpainted porcelain

Dutch colors

Dutch beach - getting sand blasted.

Amsterdam museum, silver & gold


Amsterdam Centraal Station

Harbour for European cruise ships

One of untold Grachten

Centraal Station

Looks classic but is from 2013. Victoria Hotel

Twin staircases in the Tropenmuseum

All in order?

Tropenmuseum - the building itself is already an experience

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